BBB Portrait 051713Bart Bradley

Bart Bradley is our Practice Manager and Client Advocate managing the Medicaid eligibility process for our firm. Bart earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Oklahoma State University and garnered post-graduate certifications from the University of Houston and West Texas A&M.

Prior to joining the ElderLawyers team in 2010, Bart was employed by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission as a caseworker in Medicaid Eligibility for the Elderly and People with Disabilities. He is an expert in the complexities of the Medicaid eligibility process. Bart works closely with other professionals in various State offices, nursing facilities, and other agencies and institutions that are involved in the application and verification processes necessary for Medicaid eligibility.

Bart brings a wealth of business acumen to our firm as well as front-line experience in social services and Medicaid administration. His background also includes significant accomplishments in marketing communications and project management as an independent consultant and in corporate leadership roles.