Assisted Living Kicks Out The Frail ’Cause ‘We Can’t Take Care Of You Any Longer’

This is excellent reading from the Kaiser Health Network. ‘Especially if you are contemplating a move into an assisted living facility for an elderly loved one. The idea of “aging-in-place” in a nice facility that offers “assisted living”, if and when the need arises, can be tempting. But also consider what happens when one’s needs exceed the facility’s ability to meet them.

Before moving into an assisted living community, “ask careful questions about what the facility will and won’t do,” said Carlson of Justice in Aging. What will happen if Mom falls or her dementia continues to get worse? What if her incontinence worsens or she needs someone to help her take medication? Review the facility’s admissions agreement carefully, ideally with the help of an elder law attorney or experienced geriatric care manager. Carefully check the section on involuntary transfers and ask about staffing levels. Have facility managers put any promises they’ve made to you in writing.

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