Barbara Bush’s End-Of-Life Decision Stirs Debate Over ‘Comfort Care’

“Comfort care” usually refers to palliative care, which focuses on managing patients’ symptoms to keep them comfortable and retain their dignity. It does not mean stopping medical care; but rather medical treatment focusing on symptomatic pain relief and comfort. This decision is more specifically defined in one of the five important documents comprising a basic estate plan. We refer to it as a Directive to Physicians, Family or Surrogates. It is sometimes referred to as a “living will.”

Make an appointment today to develop or update your estate plan that should include your Will, Statutory Power of Attorney (financial matters), Medical Power of Attorney ( who can make medical decisions if you can not), HIPAA Release (who  physicians can talk with about your medical issues and treatment options), and the Directive to Physicians, Family or Surrogates (details the type and extent of treatment you wish for an end of life situation). We believe Mrs. Bush set a sterling example of how to conduct ones life and how to pass from it with courage, dignity and peace.

The following article By Melissa Bailey and JoNel Aleccia, was first published April 16, 2018 by Kaiser Health News.


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